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If you want to keep expanding your understanding of governance, to stay in touch with new developments and to get some really practical perspectives that can help improve your practice, I highly recommend Board Leadership:  Innovative Approaches to Governance.  The variety of articles always grabs and holds my interest and I look forward to every issue.

Anne Dalton

Chief Officer for Strategic Initiative, The Association of Junior Leagues International

Board Member International Policy Governance® Association and United Way of Greater Portland

Published six times a year, Board Leadership serves as an indispensable resource through publishing timeless, relevant content that will continue to serve leaders, their organizations, and most importantly—their boards—as they seek to improve organizational performance and effectiveness through strong board leadership.

What to expect in Board Leadership

• Articles written by top experts and consultants from around the world

• Explanations and descriptions of specific approaches to board governance

• Examples of different governance models in action

• Reports of new governance research

• Contrasting viewpoints on specific governance issues

• Challenges to the status quo of board governance

• New developments in technology affecting board governance

• Book reviews

• News on board governance-related conferences, seminars, webinars, and other events

1.   Inspire and motivate your board members
2.   Educate your board members about the nuts and bolts of governance excellence
3.   Benefit from the expertise of Editor Caroline Oliver and Board Leadership contributors
4.   Hear from others about how they are benefitting from innovative approaches to governance
5.   Strengthen your own board leadership by learning about new and innovative issues in governance and other related topics

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Board Leadership aims to inform and engage its readers in lively and illuminating inquiry into how board governance can be made more effective.

This inquiry is based on three key assumptions. First and foremost is the assumption that boards exist to lead organizations; not merely monitor them. Second is the assumption that effective governance is not about either systems, structures, processes, theories, practices, culture or behaviors—it is about all of them. Third is the assumption that significant improvements are only likely to come through challenging the status quo and trying out new ideas in theory and in practice.

Board Leadership is unique in that it will primarily focus on the job of board leadership as a whole as opposed to individual elements of practice within the overall responsibility of the board and its members. Content is written by international board governance experts and consultants, including Editor Caroline Oliver.

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