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By Board LeadershipMay 20, 2013 | Print

The November-December 2013 issue of Board Leadership: Policy Governance in Action will be the 130th issue since the publication was launched in 1992 and marks over 21 years of John Carver's executive editorship, a role that he has shared with Miriam Carver since 2004.  John and Miriam have decided that the time has come for them to withdraw from this commitment, and issue 130 will be the last issue for which they will serve as co-executive editors.  

Board Leadership readers will still have access to the Carvers' significant body of materials on the POLICY GOVERNANCE® approach to board leadership. In addition to the wealth of information provided in past issues of Board Leadership, Jossey-Bass will continue to offer John and Miriam’s many books, including the Carver Guides, as invaluable resources on the POLICY GOVERNANCE model.

On behalf of itself and all Board Leadership readers, Jossey-Bass extends our gratitude to the Carvers for their immense contribution to Board Leadership. We are happy to report that although the Carvers are retiring from their positions at Board Leadership, they will continue to operate as the authoritative spokespersons for the unique POLICY GOVERNANCE approach through their ongoing writing, lecturing, and consulting activities.

So what's next for readers of Board Leadership? Following publication of issue 130 Board Leadership will become Board Leadership: Innovative Approaches to Governance under the auspices of its new editor, Caroline Oliver, who has been Board Leadership's managing editor since September 2010.

Board Leadership's new mission will be "to discover, explain and discuss innovative approaches to board governance with the goal of helping organizations achieve effective, meaningful, and successful leadership to fulfil their missions.” The new Board Leadership will seek to inform and engage its readers in lively and illuminating inquiry into how board governance can be made more effective through the application of innovative models such as the POLICY GOVERNANCE approach and other new strategies. We look forward to sharing more in the months to come.  

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